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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Slip-And-Fall Injuries

Many of our North Carolina clients and prospective clients have similar questions. We provide helpful information by answering these common FAQs about personal injury accidents claims. If you have any questions about your case, call 336-273-0508 to speak directly with an experienced North Carolina injury lawyer.

I fell at Wal-Mart and hurt myself but don’t know what caused me to fall. I have called several law firms and, although I didn’t talk to a lawyer, they all turned me down. What should I do?

Call Egerton Law and you will talk to a lawyer. “Slip-and-fall” cases are hard to win as the burden is on the injured person to prove the negligence of the store. Proving negligence is more challenging when the injured person doesn’t know what caused the fall. However, our firm regularly handles these cases, and we will consult with you without charge to assess your case.

I slipped and fell in a store and hurt my back, but I already had back trouble before this fall. The store’s insurance company has refused to pay because they say I had a preexisting condition. Do I have a case?

Insurance companies routinely turn down claims when they find out the injured person has a preexisting condition. But that should not be the end of the story. A law firm can help you win your claim. Call Egerton Law, and our attorneys and staff will be glad to discuss the matter with you.