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Property liability accidents may lack the drama and shocking pictures that accompany motor vehicle accidents that headline the evening news, but the injuries a victim sustains after a slip, trip, or fall may be just as significant. Many times, property owners, property operators, and insurance companies try to minimize the injuries caused by these types of accidents

We Help You Get Back on Your Feet

The property liability attorneys of Egerton Law understand the serious injuries that can result from slip, trip, and fall accidents. We know that brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, shoulder dislocations, knee problems, and other injuries are painful, frustrating, and often life-changing. We help accident victims get back on their feet, both physically and financially. We want to ensure that they get good medical care, compensation for their time lost from work, reimbursement for their expenses, and reparation for pain and suffering.

Our attorneys have an average of 20 years of legal experience helping victims recover fair damages for their injuries. Let us use our experience and skill to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. While most of our clients settle their slip and fall cases, North Carolina law allows us to file a lawsuit to protect your right to recovery, and we will not hesitate to do so, if necessary.

We’ll Determine Who’s Responsible and Help You Recover Damages

At Egerton Law, we analyze all the facts of your case and hold the proper defendant(s) liable for any action or inaction that resulted in your slip, trip, or fall. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the responsible party may be a property owner, operator, or manager; a government agency; a janitor; or the parent corporation of a business.

As an accident victim, you may have the right to recover damages for all of your injuries, no matter who caused the accident. A skilled and experienced trip and fall attorney from our office will strongly advocate for you to recover damages for:

  • Medical costs. These can include the costs of doctors, surgeries, hospital stays, and medications.
  • Rehabilitation costs. These costs may be ongoing after an injury.
  • Lost income: You may receive compensation for lost wages during the period of time you were unable to work or had to work reduced hours.
  • Out of pocket expenses. This can be for child care, housekeeping help, and/or transportation—expenses that were not necessary before the injury but were incurred because of it.
  • Pain and suffering. Emotional damages may be compensable.

Call Our Experienced Property Liability Attorneys for Help

The skilled and compassionate lawyers at Egerton Law will help you recover the damages you legally deserve. We understand you are anxious about your future and want answers to your legal questions. Call us at 336-273-0508, and speak directly with a property liability lawyer. Whether we settle your case or go to trial, you won’t pay us anything unless you recover damages.