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Our Experienced Injury Attorneys Will Help You Get The Compensation You Legally Deserve After A Bicycle Accident

With mild weather and plenty of scenic roadways, bicyclists can enjoy North Carolina year-round. Yet as cycling has grown in popularity, so has the frequency of personal injury to those on two wheels. In spite of our state’s commitment to dedicated cycling areas and trails, bicycle accidents occur most often within city centers, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all accidents.

We Have Experience Evaluating Bicycle Accident Cases

At Egerton Law, our personal injury lawyers understand that cyclists are not only vulnerable to devastatingly extreme injuries but also often subjected to a painful recovery that involves extensive in-patient care and prolonged therapy. Sometimes, cycling accidents result in permanent disabilities that can impair future earnings, lead to long-term medical and rehabilitative expenses, and create emotional trauma within families.

Because each cycling accident involves a unique set of circumstances, only a thorough examination by experts can piece together the facts necessary to establish a liability and recover compensation. Although collisions with motorized vehicles account for 20% to 30% of bicycle-related injuries, cyclists’ crashes involving another bicycle, pedestrian, or even an unavoidable hazard unattended by a business or municipality could lead to compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Bicycle Laws

In North Carolina, bikes are legally considered vehicles and are provided the same privileges to the roadway as trucks and cars except for the use of interstate highways. Thus, bicyclists face an exceptionally vulnerable environment and are commonly susceptible to motorists turning into their path or failing to yield the right of way. In fact, more than a third of accidents where a motorist and bicyclist cross paths, the motorist violated a rule of the road before the collision.

If You Are In A Bicycle Accident

Time is of the essence! North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, which means that if the defendant can prove the victim is at fault by as little as 1%, recovery can be denied. Therefore, we urge bicyclists and their families to call us as soon as possible after an accident and before speaking with an insurance agent. We will be able to gather evidence to support our client’s claim in this critical window of time.

Evidence such as vehicle skid marks, eyewitness recollections and video surveillance all bolster a bicyclist’s case and help to establish fault. We need our team at the scene of the bicycle wreck to:

  • Diagram, measure and photograph the scene
  • Photograph the crash debris and any skid/tire marks
  • Secure any nearby video surveillance
  • Document the traffic control sequence
  • Call nearby businesses and households for witnesses

Call Our Office To Speak Directly With One Of Our Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The skilled and compassionate lawyers at Egerton Law will help you recover the damages you legally deserve. We understand you are anxious about your future and want answers to your legal questions. Call us at 336-273-0508, and speak directly with a bicycle accident lawyer. Whether we settle your case or go to trial, you won’t pay us anything unless you recover damages.