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Being involved in a car crash can be life-altering. In an instant, your immediate needs and priorities change, and your life is put on hold to deal with the injuries and property damage caused by the accident. For many victims, the confusion and frustration over how to get help can continue for months unless they have the assistance of a skilled accident attorney.

At Egerton Law, we want to quickly ease that confusion and frustration, so we make this commitment to you: When you call us for legal help, you will speak directly to an experienced motor vehicle wreck attorney. From our offices in Greensboro and Kernersville, we represent car accident victims throughout the Piedmont Triad, including High Point, Winston-Salem and surrounding counties.

Common Questions About Car Accidents

Car accidents can be very stressful, and many people are uncertain about what to do if they want to pursue a settlement. Here are answers to some of our clients’ frequently asked questions about what to do after a car wreck:

  • Do I need a lawyer for my car wreck? Most likely yes. It is highly advisable to get a lawyer if you want to pursue a settlement. It’s challenging to navigate the legal system alone, and having a qualified personal injury lawyer to help you can be very beneficial.
  • What kind of damages can I claim after my car crash? If you’re in a car accident, it’s possible to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. But it’s important to consult an attorney about the details of this compensation and other possible damages you might claim.
  • Why won’t the insurance adjuster give me a rental car? If the insurance adjuster won’t give you a rental car, the insurance company may not have completed the investigation.
  • The other driver has no auto insurance. What can I do? If you have been in an accident with an uninsured driver, you should file an uninsured motorist claim.
  • I don’t think my accident report is accurate. Does that matter? Depending on what you believe is incorrect, it may be important. If the information could harm your case, you should contact the investigating officer.
  • Can I trust the insurance company and the adjuster? Insurance companies like to make money, and they do it by attempting to pay car wreck victims less money than they deserve. Insurance agents may try to get you to settle quickly for a lower amount by exploiting your need for quick cash. They may present their “best and final offer” and give you a limited time to accept it before taking it off the table. Many agents pretend to be your friend and claim to be working for you; however, most work to maximize the profits of the insurance company.

To further discuss any of these questions or any other question you may have, feel free to contact Egerton Law at 336-273-0508. Don’t let an insurance company’s deceptive tactics result in a low settlement on your accident claim. Call the Greensboro auto accident lawyers of Egerton Law. We only represent injured people and their families. We understand how insurance companies work; we anticipate the games they play, and we won’t play them. Instead, we fight hard for a fair and just recovery for each client we represent.