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Avoid these common SSD scams

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

The Social Security Administration reported it received 16,000 scam allegations in September 2021. That one-month total shows there is a serious issue within the system with scams.

Social Security Disability Insurance provides vital financial support to individuals with disabilities who are unable to work. Unfortunately, scammers often target vulnerable individuals in need of assistance, using various deceptive tactics to steal their personal information or money. If you are applying for SSDI, you should be aware of common scams.

Impersonation scams

One prevalent SSDI scam involves fraudsters impersonating SSA officials. These scammers may contact you by phone, email or even in person, claiming to be SSA representatives. They insist that there is an issue with your benefits, such as a problem with your application or a suspension of payments. To make their claims seem legitimate, they may provide fake badges or official-looking documents.

Remember that the SSA will never ask for personal information over the phone or through email. If you receive such a call or message, do not provide any personal or financial information. Instead, contact the SSA directly using their official contact information to verify the issue.

Fake documents and websites

Scammers may create phony documents or websites that mimic official SSA materials. They often send these documents to individuals, asking for payments, fees or personal information to process claims or benefits.

Always verify the authenticity of any documents or websites related to SSDI. Visit the official SSA website and cross-reference any information you receive. Be cautious when anyone asks you for money or personal information and consult the SSA directly to confirm the request’s legitimacy.

Bogus offers of expedited benefits

Some scammers promise to expedite your SSDI application or increase your benefit payments for a fee. They may claim to have special connections or knowledge of shortcuts within the system. Falling for such scams can result in you losing your money without any improvement in your SSDI situation.

Be wary of anyone who offers to expedite your SSDI application or increase your benefits for a fee. The SSDI process follows a specific procedure, and no one can guarantee faster approval or higher payments in exchange for money.

Do not let unknown individuals intimidate or threaten you when it comes to your benefits. Remember that government agencies communicate through formal channels. If you suspect a scam, report it to your local authorities and the SSA.