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Could that head pain be a sign of a worse injury?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Slip & Fall |

When you suffer from a fall from several feet off the ground or some kind of vehicle accident, you may walk away without going to the hospital. In the days after this injury, you could feel odd sensations in your head but not know what exactly is wrong.

Learning more about the signs of traumatic brain injuries beyond just physical pain can help you in the first few days after this incident.

Emotional changes

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, you could tell you feel more confused and overwhelmed by typical things after this accident. It may feel tough to remember important facts or conversations, and you may sense this along with noticing feelings of pain in your head.

Bouts of frustration and increased anger can harm your connections with others and leave you wondering what changed with your mind. Since these emotions could seem to come out of nowhere, these mood changes may not seem like a symptom of a traumatic brain injury at first.

Odd sleep habits

If you find yourself struggling to wake up in the mornings or sleeping much more than usual, it could stem from a brain injury. When your sleep habits seem to shift for no reason or you feel less awake in general than usual, this could be a sign of something worse.

Increased dizziness

An increasing sense of vertigo or dizziness while standing can lead to you falling over or being unable to walk. Struggling with how little energy you have can impact your job and daily life.

No matter what variety of symptoms you notice, staying aware of what traumatic brain injuries feel like can help you during this tough time.