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How to reduce your accident risk at night

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Automobile Accidents |

On the road, you expect all other vehicles to follow the state’s traffic regulations and to practice safe driving tips to ensure that you and others remain safe. However, driving recklessly can ultimately end in a devastating or catastrophic accident where others face injuries and damages due to negligence.

At night, you face a higher risk of a motor vehicle accident. Fortunately, there are ways you can give yourself more peace of mind if you have to drive after dark.

Be smart with your headlights

Drivers must ensure that their headlights work before any trip, especially at night. When using headlights, remember to keep your beams low when approaching other vehicles. Only use your high beams when no cars pass on the opposite side of the road. If another vehicle approaches you with high beams, quickly flash yours as a reminder, but do not leave them on. Do not be afraid to lower your driving speed at night and never look directly into other people’s headlights.

Keep your windshields clear

It becomes increasingly more difficult to see out of a dirty windshield at night. Keep your windshield clear of all debris and smudges to increase visibility. If necessary, defog and defrost your vehicle before you start driving. A dirty windshield becomes more evident and foggy when oncoming headlights shine on it. Likewise, you may be more likely to miss pedestrians and bicyclists with limited visibility.

One way to remain alert at night is to ensure that you have enough rest before driving. Do not drive, especially at night, when tired.