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Taking action after a defective product causes injury

On Behalf of | May 26, 2023 | Dangerous Product Injuries |

Encountering an injury caused by a defective product can be a disconcerting experience, prompting the need for immediate action to safeguard your rights and well-being.

When faced with such circumstances, knowing the appropriate steps to take is vital. This article provides guidance on the steps you should take if you get harmed by a defective product.

Ensure your safety

Prioritize your safety and well-being by seeking immediate medical attention for your injuries. Follow the advice and treatment recommendations of medical professionals to aid your recovery and thoroughly document your injuries. Make sure to keep all medical records and communications with your doctor.

Preserve evidence

Preserve the defective product, along with any associated packaging, receipts or manuals. Capture photographs or videos of the product, clearly illustrating the defect or malfunction that caused your injury. Retain all correspondence or communication with the seller or manufacturer regarding the product.

Cease use of the product

Discontinue using the defective product to prevent further harm or injury. Do not immediately throw the product away, as the company that manufactured it may request you send it back to them.

Consult with a professional

Seek advice from a professional specializing in product liability cases. They can evaluate your situation, assess the merits of your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Document your damages

Maintain a comprehensive record of all relevant information, including medical bills, treatment receipts, medication expenses and any other costs resulting from the injury. Document the impact of the injury on your daily life, such as missed work, physical pain, emotional distress or diminished quality of life.

Report the incident

File a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission or other relevant regulatory bodies. Reporting the incident helps alert others to potential hazards and contributes to improving product safety standards.

If you get hurt because of a defective product, you deserve compensation. Knowing what steps to take after an injury can help ensure that you protect your rights and stop the accident from happening to others.