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Top reasons why truck accidents happen

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Truck accidents could inflict severe damage, in large part, due to their massive size. When an enormous tractor-trailer crashes into a smaller vehicle, tragedy may result. An accident’s aftermath might lead to an investigation to uncover serious negligence. Decades of data show common reasons why these awful accidents happen, and, yes, negligent behavior often plays a factor in North Carolina crashes.

Top reasons for truck accidents

Lawmakers and regulators understand the devastation a truck accident could cause. That’s one reason why mandatory breaks exist. Truck drivers may only stay on the road for so many hours per day and week. The idea here centers on reducing the chances of fatigue-related crashes.

Of course, drivers feel tired for many reasons. Taking a legal prescription or suffering from a cold might cause fatigued driving. Some may outright suffer from intoxication.

Yes, drunk driving continues to be a reason why truck accidents happen. Alcohol is not the only substance that causes collisions, either. Truck drivers might use illegal drugs to stay awake or fight boredom. Such substances could impair driving dramatically.

Several reasons for truck accidents

Even experienced truck drivers may fall victim to distracted driving. Everything from rubbernecking to listening to music may hamper concentration. Ill-advised multitasking, such as eating while driving, is another scourge. Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel seem advisable. Otherwise, accidents could happen.

A poorly maintained rock presents hazards. So might an overloaded truck or one carrying a poorly secured cargo load. Terrible truck accidents involving things falling off a cargo bed may cause fatalities. Drivers, trucking companies, and third parties could be responsible for these disasters.

Lawsuits could target multiple parties after a crash. Similarly, several plaintiffs could have a claim when a truck causes a multicar incident.