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Driving safely around school zones

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Car Accidents |

It is once again school season in North Carolina, and it appears that schools will be operating under what once was termed normal conditions. This means that school buses will be back on the road during the morning and afternoons, which means that congested traffic could become even more congested when drivers are picking up and delivering students to and from home. This also means that people must be aware when driving near school buses loaded with children because they will be making unusual stops in often difficult locations when dispatching school kids. Being aware of stopping rules for both standard drivers and school bus drivers is essential for optimum safety.

Reducing speeds

One of the first issues presented by school buses and the road rules drivers must follow is driving at reduced speeds. Not only are school locations designated reduced speed areas when caution lights are active, there are also situations where the slower school buses also have right of way when loading and unloading children. Some children are pedestrians who also have right of way when they use proper crosswalks going into and leaving school. Reducing speeds are vital in avoiding motor vehicle accidents involving school buses.

Additional school year hazards

School buses are not the only extra obstacle that motorists must deal with during the school year. Many older students attending local schools, including colleges, will take bicycles to and around campus. Motor vehicle accident attorneys advise drivers to pay even closer attention to bike riders because they can pop up unexpectedly. Additionally, they are extremely vulnerable to serious or even fatal injuries due to any mishap.

Always exercise caution when driving in posted slow speed areas, and especially pay closer attention during school transport hours. Lives are depending on it.