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Biggest risks to motorcycle riders on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2021 | Motorcycle Accident |

North Carolina abounds in the number of motorcycle enthusiasts who reside in and visit the state. They are a common scene on all highways throughout the year for the most part. However, the hilly countryside and crooked roadways in much of the state present a problem for many motorcyclists while in transit, and especially when they run upon loose gravel or fresh cut grass in the road, And this not to mention other drivers in passenger vehicles. The dangers for riders do indeed exist, and here are a few of their most common risks.

Enclosed vehicles and distracted driving

Distracted driving has been a serious issue for quite some time, and it can surely keep other motorists from hearing a motorcycle on approach. Even when riding a bike with a loud exhaust, many individuals who drive with windows rolled up and divided attention often do not hear bikers when they are in the proximity.

Traffic flow and parking

Navigating traffic flow is a common problem for bikers in avoiding motor vehicle accidents. Even a parked vehicle can be a problem when they open a door in front of an upcoming or opposing bike. In addition, motorists who change lanes without signaling or knowing a bike is nearby are a serious safety issue as well.

Oncoming traffic

While one would think oncoming traffic is easiest to see while riding, many motor vehicle accident attorneys handle injury cases where drivers will try to make a quick left turn in front of an approaching motorcyclist. This can be a very bad situation for bikers.

These are just a few of the safety risks that bikers in North Carolina face when using state roadways. Other legal issues such as the state’s pure contributory negligence law and lack of safety gear requirements outside of the universal helmet law can also create problems as well when attempting to recover damages following an accident.