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NC workers’ compensation laws for injured workers

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

North Carolina workers’ compensation laws protect workers from employers who do not want to pay for their recovery expenses. There are time limits to follow when filing a claim and conditions to meet eligibility. Understanding the law allows an injured worker to receive full compensation for a workplace accident.

Time limits

In North Carolina, workers’ compensation laws require that injured workers report their injury to their employers within 30 days. They have two years to file a claim to the workers’ comp agency. Injured workers have to wait for 7 days to receive benefits.

Eligibility for coverage

Although most employers are required to participate in workers’ compensation, not all employees are eligible for coverage. People who work in private homes, on farms and for federal government agencies are not covered.

Mental illnesses, accidental injuries and disabilities caused by occupational diseases are covered under workers’ comp laws. However, injuries and illnesses that are caused by the worker’s negligence are not covered.

The types of benefits cover lost wages, medical treatments and optional vocational rehabilitation. The benefits are compensated for 66 2/3% of the worker’s average weekly wage. Your employer has to authorize the type of medical provider for your services, but you can change the choice of provider in writing.

Compensating your recovery from an accident

Being injured at work doesn’t mean having to pay for all of your own expenses. You and your family are entitled to receive regular payments under North Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws. There are different types of benefits available to you and legal services to assist in the process.