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How can trucking companies prevent accidents on the road?

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

When a truck accident happens in North Carolina, most people place the blame on the driver. But everyone in the trucking industry is responsible for the safety of truck drivers and other people on the road, and if they don’t take their responsibilities seriously, the results can be deadly. Here’s what employers can do to keep everyone safe on the road.

How can employers look out for the safety of their truck drivers?

Employers should monitor their employees to ensure that they’re fit to drive. They should watch out for signs of drug abuse, alcoholism and health conditions that might impair their ability to drive. If employers suspect that there’s an issue, they should talk to the driver immediately. Additionally, they could require their employees to visit their doctor for annual check-ups.

To prevent truck accidents, employers should make sure that their vehicles are always in peak condition. Any truck with mechanical or safety issues should be pulled out of service and sent to a repair shop. Employers should also encourage their drivers to report issues as soon as possible.

Additionally, employers should make sure that their trucks are updated with modern safety technologies. They should plan reasonable schedules for their drivers so that the drivers don’t feel pressured to overexert themselves to meet deadlines. If a truck driver feels like they’re not allowed to take breaks, they might engage in distracted driving or suffer from driver’s fatigue.

How may an attorney help you after a truck accident?

Every year, thousands of people are killed or injured in truck accidents. You can’t undo the physical and mental damage you received in an accident, but a personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue a lawsuit against the trucking company. They might also help you negotiate with the insurance company and work to prove that you weren’t at fault for the crash.