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Product liability could start overseas

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Dangerous Product Injuries |

The source of many consumer products often gets clouded in the era of global economic activity. Amazon is a globally prominent online retailer with a large share of the U.S. market. The proliferation of Amazon products that are made in China has raised alarm among consumer advocates in North Carolina and elsewhere.

A large amount of Amazon products come from Chinese sellers, which enables those sellers to send products directly from China and other nations to consumers in the United States. Some of those products are of dubious origin and potentially harmful to consumers.

Amazon urged to investigate products

How the online retailer handles complaints of defective products has many members of Congress concerned. Many recently urged Amazon officials to be more transparent regarding the source of questionable products and do a better job of addressing consumers’ concerns. A letter from several House members to Amazon officials says the company has a troubling policy of deleting product listings rather than enabling investigations of potentially harmful consumer products.

Dual roles as marketplace operator and seller questioned

A House Judiciary committee recently reported that Amazon and similar online retailers are engaged in conflicts of interest when they operate the marketplace and actively sell products directly to U.S. consumers. Rather than self-regulating products sold, the quest for larger profits is enabling potentially dangerous products to enter the domestic market from overseas sources, House members say. When consumers complain about products, deleting the listings makes it impossible for state or federal regulators to investigate and determine if any violations of consumer protections occurred.

When a person is injured by faulty products, an attorney who is experienced in handling defective products cases may help to assess the matter. The attorney may work to present a strong case against manufacturers and sellers of bad goods.