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Not all North Carolina auto accident lawyers are the same. We all have varying degrees of experience and various skills that we apply to our cases. At Egerton Law, we want our clients to understand the unique skills that we offer. Egerton Law has been representing North Carolina personal injury victims since 1956 and our attorneys (link to bios) average more than 20 years in practice. Our firm only represents injured people and their families. But, our practice is about more than our years of successful legal practice. We understand what it is like to be in an accident and we sincerely want to help crash victims with their recoveries.

Lawrence’s Car Accident

In 1996, Lawrence Egerton was involved in a rear end accident on Friendly Avenue in Greensboro. The car behind him was traveling at 45 mph when it struck him as he waited to make a turn. At first, it seemed that no physical damage had been done to either driver or to either vehicle. However, after several months Lawrence began to experience neck and arm pain.

Since chiropractic treatment did not cure the pain, Lawrence consulted a neurosurgeon who determined that he had ruptured discs at vertebrae 4-5 and 5-6, which were likely caused by his rear end accident months earlier. In December 1998, he had a neck operation to relieve the pain caused by his accident injury.

Lawrence is committed to helping people avoid rear end wrecks and has written an informative book “Don’t Follow Too Close” (link to book) that is available to you for free!

Why We Want You to Talk to an Attorney on Your Very First Call

Lawrence, his partners, and associates are also committed to your recovery. Lawrence’s experience as an injury victim and our attorney’s experience representing North Carolina car crash victims allows us to understand your circumstances and effectively represent you. We understand that you need to take care of all of the problems created by your accident – both legal and medical – and you deserve to work directly with lawyers and doctors during your recovery.

We know that you wouldn’t want to talk to a medical receptionist or nurse when you have pressing medical questions and we wouldn’t expect you to talk to a legal receptionist or paralegal when you call Egerton Law for the first time. At Egerton Law you will talk to a lawyer on your very first call to our office – and, we can recommend doctors who will give you similar respect and treatment. If you’ve suffered a neck injury, please ask to speak directly to Lawrence- he is happy to take your call and to talk to you about your injury.

Call the North Carolina collision lawyers of Egerton Law today at 336-273-0508 for a free consultation with an attorney on your very first call!