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Stages of a North Carolina Accident & Injury Case

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When a potential client calls one of the North Carolina accident lawyer at Egerton Law for the first time, he or she will speak directly to one of our experienced attorneys. During that conversation, the attorney will listen carefully to the facts about the person’s injuries and explain what happens in an accident case.

Our Greensboro based accident lawyers represent accident victims all over North Carolina and North Carolina residents who are injured in other states. We focus our practice on helping injured people and their families. Whether we are trying a Winston-Salem wrongful death case or a High Point injury case, the stages of a North

Carolina negligence lawsuit are as follows:

Filing a lawsuit: a complaint is filed with the court within the appropriate statute of limitations to ensure that your right to a trial is not forfeited. The complaint will describe your legal claim, your injury, and the relief that you seek from the court. Many times a North Carolina personal injury lawyer from our firm will file a lawsuit while we are negotiating with the other party to ensure that your rights are protected and to show the other party that you are serious about obtaining a fair recovery.

Discovery: once the complaint has been filed and the defendant has filed its answer then the case will enter the discovery phase. This may include depositions, interrogatories and document requests, for example. A deposition is the oral testimony of a litigant or witness, under oath. If you are scheduled to be deposed, an Egerton Law lawyer will thoroughly prepare you for the deposition. Interrogatories require written answers that we will help you prepare and we will provide the required documentation to the other party.

Settlement Negotiations: settlement negotiations can happen at any time – even before a lawsuit is filed. However, many times serious settlement negotiations occur after some discovery has been conducted and both sides have a realistic understanding of the case. We will negotiate on your behalf and advise you as to whether we believe a fair settlement can be negotiated.

Trial, if Necessary: in most cases, we settle our clients’ claims before going to trial. We understand that our clients would rather avoid the time, cost, and stress of court if they can get a reasonable settlement before trial and we do everything that we can to help our clients get a fair settlement. However, if a fair settlement cannot be reached then we will not hesitate to go to trial to protect our clients’ rights.

Our experienced Greensboro injury lawyers thoroughly prepare our clients for trial. You will understand how we present our arguments, question witnesses, and present evidence before we enter the courtroom.

When you contact the experienced North Carolina injury lawyers of Egerton Law, you will understand how your injury or wrongful death case will proceed. Since 1956, our firm has been advising clients and helping them recover damages for their injuries. Please call an Egerton Law attorney at 336-273-0508 for more information.