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Hazards lurking in your medicine cabinet

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | General |

Occasionally we learn that products we thought were safe may be more harmful than we realized, and Egerton Law believes it is important to keep you informed about potential dangers. Three products that are likely in your medicine cabinet have recently come under scrutiny around the U.S. for causing injuries to unknowing consumers.

Just this year, studies have been published linking Nexium, Prilosec and other proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) and chronic kidney disease and heart problems. The kidney problems may result from damage to the lining of the blood vessels, and this same damage may increase the risk of heart attacks in regular PPI users.

In recent years the FDA has issued announcements about the dangers of high doses of acetaminophen (think Tylenol) in connection with liver disease. While the makers of Tylenol prevailed last October in a lawsuit filed against them for failing to warn of the dangers, that is not the end of the story: hundreds of additional lawsuits have been filed and consolidated for pre-trial proceedings. These lawsuits claim that Tylenol Extra should carry a stronger warning about the risk of liver damage, among other allegations.

Studies performed over the past forty years have created a trove of scientific evidence linking talc-based body powders to ovarian cancer.

In February, a jury in St. Louis, Missouri, found that Johnson & Johnson was liable in the amount of $72 million for ovarian cancer suffered by a woman who used the Shower to Shower products for decades. Attorneys for the plaintiff were able to use scientific evidence and internal memos from the company to show that the risk for cancer increased with use of the talc-based body powder, and the company knew about that risk. Rather than taking the product off the market or changing its ingredients, Johnson & Johnson continues to market and sell Shower to Shower to consumers who were kept in the dark about the potential danger to their health.

Another jury in May came back with a $55 million verdict in a similar case involving Shower to Shower and ovarian cancer. Many people use talc-based body powder as part of their daily hygienic routine.

The attorneys at Egerton Law are investigating injury claims related to all of these products. If you or a loved one has been hurt after using one of these, or any other dangerous product, call our office for a free consultation. Reach us at 336-273-0508, or fill out a web contact form and one of our attorneys will call you.