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What should Joe Gibbs do with Kyle Busch now?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2011 | General |

Kyle Busch has sure had a lot of explaining to do.

And now Joe Gibbs has a lot of thinking to do.

In the aftermath of Busch’s bone-headed stunt of barreling 128 mph through a residential area marked with a 45-mph speed limit in a $350,000 sports car, Gibbs has to consider:


Getty Images for NASCAR


What is the right thing to do now?

What is right for the Joe Gibbs Racing organization? How does this affect the team? The crew, the other drivers?

Just what do the sponsors think about this situation? What’s going through the minds of the folks at Toyota, M&M/Mars, FedEx? They sure aren’t paying to get bad publicity.

What is best for NASCAR? How do you heal the black eye this has given to the sport itself?

And what is fair to Kyle Busch? He’s racing in the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday, but what comes after? I’ve seen two suggestions in the media that he be suspended for at least one weekend of racing.

According to one of the reports, the JGR organization is looking into it. But is one weekend enough?

And finally, what is fair to the fans? The people who follow every move of their favorite driver? The folks that buy the sponsors’ products? The kids who grow up loving NASCAR because their mamas and daddies do?

Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 1 boy in the No. 18 car has made a fool of himself and a mess to be cleaned up. Gibbs is the man stuck with the job. Question is, how is he going to do it?

What do you think?