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Stop Bullying: Start at Your School!

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2010 | General |

Bullying is an infectious problem that exists in every school—likely in every classroom—in the nation.

How, you might wonder, could we as a society ever expect to eradicate such an endemic issue from our schools? The endeavor seems overwhelming.

But programs exist that attempt to tackle the formidable problem of bullying.

One such resource is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The comprehensive program addresses bullying on a school wide level by engaging students, teachers and administrators in an effort to stop the bullying.

Parents are also central in the struggle to stop bullying. As adults, parents need to be able to talk to their children about bullying and being bullied. They should handle any issues their kid is dealing with at school—whether the child is the bullied or the bullier—by reaching out to teachers, administrators and other parents in an open, constructive and communicative environment.

Recently, students from Greensboro, North Carolina took advantage of the opportunity to attend an anti-bullying workshop.

The program, which was given by the National Conference for Community and Justice of the Piedmont Triad, highlights the tools available for students to take action against bullying in their classrooms.

Students are encouraged to start campaigns on campus and educate their peers on how bullying affects individuals and the community as a whole.

You can join the effort against bullying by pledging to take a stand on the NCCJ’s website,