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Nine Cars Wreck on I-85 Over Yadkin River Bridge

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2010 | General |

This morning, August 19, 2010, central North Carolina experienced widespread, often heavy rainfall. Everyone knows that slick, wet roads are more hazardous than they are when dry—especially when there’s flash flooding involved—but not everyone realizes that they can avoid getting in nasty rear-end collisions and multiple car pile ups even when driving in heavy downpours if they practice this simple rule: Don’t Follow Too Close!

Clearly there was a case of following too close on Interstate 85 in Davidson County, NC during this morning’s commute. As traffic in the southbound lane slowed due to the hazardous driving conditions, a tour bus failed to stop in time to avoid hitting the car ahead. If the tour bus had been following far enough away so that he could’ve stopped for a brick wall, the accident would have been avoided—rain or no rain! Motorists should adjust their driving based on the road conditions and always keep in mind that if they could not stop for a brick wall, they could not stop for the cars in front of them.

Nine vehicles including the tour bus were in the collision on I-85 South this morning. One came to a stop balanced on a guard rail, and could have fallen off the bridge if it had been hit at a higher speed. Six people were injured but—miraculously—none of the injuries are considered life-threatening! Traffic was backed up and re-routed for hours.

Can you believe this entire ordeal could have been avoided? Believe it, and DON’T FOLLOW TOO CLOSE!