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Our Commitment To You: Speak Directly To A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer When You Call Our Office

If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re not alone. Every year, over 63,000 hard-working men and women file workers’ compensation claims with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. These injured workers need medical attention, and many face expensive medical bills and lost income. Some may wonder how they can pay the bills and provide for their families while they’re home recovering.

After an on-the-job injury, your physical pain and financial expenses may be temporary or permanent. Either way, the costs can be significant, and you have the right to compensation. But where do you turn for help? And where do you get answers to the many questions you may have?

We Can Answer Your Questions About Workers’ Comp

Many injured workers are uncertain about how to proceed when they need workers’ compensation, and they have many questions. The workers’ compensation lawyers of Egerton Law have been representing people hurt on the job for more than 50 years, and we have been committed to their recovery. We have answers to your most frequently asked questions, including:

  • Is my injury covered by workers’ compensation? An injury is covered if an employee is carrying out activities to benefit the employer and suffers the injury by accident, experiences a specific traumatic incident, or becomes sick with an occupational disease.
    • An accident is something that interrupts the regular work routine such as a trip or fall.
    • A specific traumatic incident refers to an injury that is a direct result of the work activity such as being burned by a chemical or hurting your back while carrying heavy objects.
    • An occupational disease is an illness or condition that develops due to work conditions.
  • How can I get workers’ compensation? The first steps in collecting workers’ compensation in North Carolina are to report the injury to your employer and seek appropriate medical treatment. Generally, you should first tell your employer that you were injured, and then seek medical treatment from a health care provider designated by your employer. However, if you need emergency medical care, you should get it right away, and then inform your employer as soon as you can. This notification is a very important start to your workers’ compensation claim.
  • What will workers’ comp provide me? Workers’ compensation is designed to provide you with financial help for your medical costs, lost income, and partial or total disability. An injured worker is entitled to compensation for all of his medical expenses, for two-thirds of his average weekly wages up to the cap set by North Carolina law, and for other expenses incurred as a direct result of his injuries.

Employers and the Industrial Commission that processes workers’ comp cases may not always view injured workers as individuals, but we do. The attorneys at Egerton Law always think about your specific needs and circumstances to ensure that you receive the recovery you deserve. We can answer your questions about work injuries and compensation, and you will always speak directly to a workers’ comp attorney when you call Egerton Law.

Let Egerton Law Help You Get The Money You Deserve

The experienced lawyers of Egerton Law know how to help an injured worker recover damages. Our lawyers average over 20 years in practice and focus on helping injured people and their families. We understand how to build a successful workers’ compensation case, and we do our very best to get the most money for each of our clients. Call us at 336-814-2126 for a free initial consultation. You’ll speak directly to one of our workers’ compensation lawyers who can help you with your case.