Egerton Law moving forward in cases against Volkswagen

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Hundreds of cases have been filed against Volkswagen, in State Court in Virginia, regarding the emissions cheating scandal now known as "dieselgate". Since no acceptable settlement is currently under consideration, the cases are moving forward to trial. 

These cases have been consolidated before Hon. Judge Bruce White in Fairfax County for pre-trial proceedings and will be transferred, or returned, to their original jurisdictions for the actual trial. The first trial has been scheduled to begin on September 11, 2017. 

Egerton Law already represents individuals who opted out of the VW Class Action and chose instead to pursue their claims in Virginia State Court. Read more about the VW diesel cases here.

If you own a diesel vehicle affected by the defeat device and have opted-out of the VW Class Action, call an attorney at Egerton Law to talk about how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.  You can reach our attorneys by phone at 1-800-800-4LAW, by filling out our web contact form or by emailing us at [email protected].