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Medical Negligence

There is always a risk that medical treatment will not be successful. But when a bad outcome is due to preventable negligence, doctors and other medical providers should be held accountable.

Individuals rely heavily on the education and training of their doctors—and rightfully so. Doctors, nurses, and medical technicians carry a great responsibility when caring for people who are sick or injured. In most cases, these caretakers do everything in their power to help improve the lives of others.

There are times, however, when medical providers do not meet the standard of care, and innocent people are harmed. The results can be devastating, resulting in corrective surgeries, permanent impairments, or even death.

At Egerton Law, we have represented people who have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of substandard medical care. If you have suffered a substantial injury after receiving medical treatment, contact our firm to discuss whether you have a claim.

Surgical Error

Gallbladder removal surgery is a routine procedure that can be done with very little risk of harm to the patient. However, when surgeons fail to properly identify the anatomy surrounding the organ, a single cut can cause serious harm.

Egerton Law has represented countless individuals who have been required to undergo risky repair surgery after surgeons misidentified the ducts surrounding the gallbladder. If the error is not recognized, bile can leak into the abdominal cavity and cause severe injuries or death. Extensive reconstructive surgery is generally required to correct this type of injury.

Surgical errors can happen when a doctor is not properly trained to perform the procedure at hand and the doctor fails to call in a more experienced doctor. A well-trained doctor may fail to take precautions that are known in the medical community to lead to reduce the risk of error.

If you believe a surgical error occurred during your procedure, contact the attorneys at Egerton Law today to discuss your options.

Retained Objects

One of the many risks of undergoing a surgical procedure, although rare, is having a surgical instrument or other item left inside the body. This type of injury can go undetected for years, or it can create a serious infection in a short period of time.

Procedures to remove a retained object from a surgical site can be risky and dangerous. If an infection forms, it can cause numerous ailments and medical problems throughout the entire body.

If you have discovered that an object was left inside your body and you required surgery to remove the object, you may have a claim against the medical provider who performed the procedure. Call the attorneys at Egerton Law to discuss your potential claim.