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When a passenger car collides with a commercial semi-truck, the odds are that sever personal injury for the occupants of the smaller vehicle is the result.  In North Carolina, large truck accidents account for over 10,000 accidents annually with more that 24,000 injured and 150 people killed.  However, it is not just their size that makes them hazardous.


Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

The fact is that many trucks traveling North Carolina's interstates are owned by large, out-of-state companies that are armed with many legal resources to prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

These companies know if they act negligently or violate regulations, accidents can occur and that they can be held liable for these accidents by personal injury attorneys representing the victims.  In the hours after a crash, their lawyers and insurance adjusters are searching for avenues to minimize financial responsibility.


It's a Complex Industry

Egerton Law's personal injury attorneys have years of experience handling truck accidents and are well-versed in federal regulations governing commercial transport companies and their drivers.  Often, large truck accidents happen when such rules and regulations are violated-this includes drowsy or inexperienced drivers, lack of proper vehicle maintenance, speeding, overweight trucks, and poor weather conditions.


Why Time Is of the Essence When Involved in a Truck Accident

Truck crash victims can file a personal injury claim, but must prove that they are entitled to compensation because of the negligence or wrongdoing of the driver or truck owner.  This makes it that much more important we become involved early when an accident occurs.  Evidence stored in the truck's electronic logging device (ELD) or found at the scene of the accident is critical to establishing a strong case.


Who Can Be Held Liable?

  • The driver or operator of the truck
  • The owner of the truck
  • The company or person that leased the truck from the owner
  • The trucking company
  • The manufacturer of the truck or its parts
  • The shipping or loading company that put the cargo on the truck


We Fight to Protect You

Egerton Law is dedicated to protection your right ot monetary payment for losses.  When an accident occurs between a big rig and a small vehicle, loved ones are hurt, maimed, and sometimes killed.  It is a commercial insurance company's job to pay a s little compensation as possible for your damages.  Make sure you have one of our truck accident lawyers helping you to fight the insurer and pursue a claim for the full and fair compensation you need and deserve.


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The skilled and compassionate lawyers at Egerton Law will help you recover the damages you legally deserve.  We understand you are anxious about your future and want answers to your legal questions.  Call us at 1-800-800-4259, and speak directly with a truck accident lawyer.  Whether we settle your case or go to trial, you won't pay us anything unless you recover damages.