What should I do about seeking medical advice?

If you are hurt, seek it, and seek it soon. Now, there are some doctors who won't accept personal injury cases unless the money is paid up front. Sometimes our clients don't have the funds to make such a payment. If you have this problem, let us know. We can help. (1-800-800-4LAW)

Be sure to talk to your doctor and tell him where you hurt, when you hurt, and how much you hurt. Unless you tell him about it, he won't put it in his reports. If it's not in the reports, it doesn't exist to the insurance company. Be sure to tell the doctor what is wrong with you.

Another thing that you should be aware of is that when you make an appointment with the doctor, be sure that you go. If you make an appointment and don't go, the doctor puts it in his records that you skipped an appointment. When the insurance company sees that, they'll say you must not have been hurt very bad. If you can't go to an appointment, be sure to call the doctors office and let him know.