How much is my case worth?

There are several items to be considered.

1)The first is medical and drug bills, and your transportation back and forth to the medical provider.

2)The second item is loss of time from work. We will get your employer to sign a statement saying how much time you lost from work, and your rate of pay. We will also need a note from your doctor, taking you out of work. However, if you are self employed, this is more complicated, and we will take it up with you on an individual basis.

3)The next item to be considered is pain and suffering. Just about everybody has pain and suffering, but it's not easy to convert pain and suffering into dollars and cents. However, we have several ways to do this, and when we make a demand on the insurance company, we will ask for an amount to adequately cover your pain and suffering.

4)Other items that we consider are future lost wages, future medical bills, and of course permanent injury."