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How does brain trauma manifest?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Slip & Fall |

Brain trauma is a likely side effect of a head injury. Though the degree of severity depends on a number of factors, all brain trauma sufferers need medical attention.

Understanding brain trauma is also helpful in seeking the correct help. In what ways do the signs of injury manifest?

Effects of brain injuries

Mayo Clinic discusses the impact of trauma on the brain. Generally speaking, brain trauma will range from mild to severe depending on several factors. Mild brain injuries typically have symptoms that are easier to overlook, because they are less severe and they last for a shorter period of time.

More moderate to severe injuries will usually have more noticeable effects. This can include severe head pain, periods of unconsciousness, vision problems that do not clear or go away on their own, confusion, memory loss, agitation, personality changes and loss of motor control.

Why medical attention is important

In some cases, brain injuries may occur because of swelling in the brain, or uncontrolled bleeding. In these cases, swift medical care is of crucial necessity.

It is possible for brain trauma sufferers to end up with brain damage, especially in the instances where they do not get appropriate medical attention in a timely fashion.

Anyone who notices a person suffer from a brain injury should take appropriate action to ensure that they get the medical treatment they need, even if they insist on refusing help. This is actually a common response of moderate to severe head injury sufferers, and is something that those helping out should proceed without regarding.