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What is a third degree burn?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Firm News |

Burn injuries of any degree of severity can come along with serious consequences if a person does not treat them quickly and appropriately.

This is especially true of third degree burns, the most severe type. But what exactly is a third degree burn?

Defining third degree burns

Mayo Clinic takes a look at burn injuries and their corresponding treatments. Third degree burns make up the most severe of these burn injuries, and they often end up categorized as full thickness burns.

In short, a third degree burn often involves many layers of the flesh, and can even extend down to the bone. Any third degree burn counts as a serious injury, unlike second degree burns, which only count as severe through certain size and location requirements.

Issues that stem from severe burns

Third degree burns hold the capability of inflicting numerous damages to the sufferer. They may cause necrosis of the tissue, which can lead to gangrene and potential amputation. Infections also happen often.

In severe cases, a victim may even experience sepsis due to their injury. This is a potentially fatal blood infection that can kill people within 72 hours of symptoms first appearing.

Permanent and severe scarring is also a concern for many, after the immediate health concerns are under control. Burn injury victims who suffer from severe levels of burning often need reconstructive surgery in order to handle the scars, especially if they are extensive or on the face.

Burns can impact victims in many ways and cause a lot of damage. This is why immediate treatment is a necessity.