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Teens and deadly summer driving days

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Fatal Accidents |

Summer arrives, and people of all ages want to visit vacation destinations in North Carolina. In particular, teenagers may intend to explore the beaches and other fun locations, especially after recently receiving their driver’s licenses. While summer in the state offers many potentially enjoyable excursions, driving during the 100 deadly days of summer comes with risks. Teens and adults may need to be cautious when driving during these months.

The summer presents unique dangers on the road

The notion that the roughly 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day – the beginning and end of summer weekends – comes with great dangers is not a myth. Government statistics bear out the potential accident hazards resulting from unique conditions related to summer travel.

For one, more people may take to the road during the summer. They have days off and vacation time to enjoy, meaning more people traveling. An influx of tourists could further crowd roads, increasing the chances of accidents. More drivers, including those unfamiliar with the local streets and highways, could add to more danger.

People tend to drink during summer festivities, meaning more intoxicated drivers. Even those not under the influence could suffer from distractions, which can cause collisions.

Teens and summer driving safety

Teen drivers might lack the necessary experience to drive defensively. Some teens may embrace troubling driving behaviors. Sadly, teens have a high crash rate, and roughly 260 young drivers die in motor vehicle accidents each month during the summer.

Adults may wish to discuss safer driving practices with younger persons. A new driver might not think infotainment systems or rubbernecking could cause a crash, so an older, more experienced driver may have to explain things. Parents and guardians could also establish rules intended to reduce the chances of accidents.