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Best Buy recalling air fryers due to fire risk

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Dangerous Product Injuries |

The popularity of air fryers has assuredly been on the incline for the past few years, but there appears to be a problem with the Insignia brand that is being promoted by Best Buy. Due to multiple reports of fires and other problems with the units, Best Buy has decided to recall the item. Just as with many other defective products with recent negative history, this is a move to mitigate the damage claims and potential lawsuits that could occur to users across the nation, including in North Carolina. The state has specific legislation that governs how product liability claims are handled in the state, especially with regard to improper use and individual contributory negligence in personal injury claims.

Personal injury in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina still uses the antiquated contributory negligence law that allows lawsuit defendants to claim exemption from liability even if the plaintiff is just slightly at fault. This applies even in product liability claims to some degree although the dynamics of the case can still matter.

How the recall could reduce claim values

The move by Best Buy gives consumers the opportunity to return their air fryers with no questions asked before an incident occurs. This is a good business decision on the part of Best Buy as the Consumer Protection Agency is now investigating a number of complaints being filed with the oversight agency. Additionally, failure to respond to the recall could jeopardize any subsequent defective product claims filed in the state under the contributory negligence law.

It is always important for any individual who has purchased a potentially dangerous product to respond when either a manufacturer or distributor recalls a product. Waiting for the government to issue a demand for a recall may be too late in avoiding a serious injury.