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Key facts about workers’ compensation for restaurant workers

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

There are fundamental benefits to working in the food service industry in North Carolina. The hours are generally flexible and there are many jobs available. Still, there are inherent risks involved and injuries might warrant workers’ compensation benefits.

Common restaurant injuries and safety strategies

Knowing which types of injuries are common and how to prevent them is wise for employers and workers. Food service requires kitchen work and heating elements leave workers vulnerable to burns. There are sharp objects that can cause cuts. Simply walking, lifting and carrying can spark a variety of injuries that might place a worker on the sidelines.

Employers can take steps to promote a safer workplace. That includes ensuring the floors are dry and clean with slip prevention measures taken like rubber flooring in areas where wetness is an issue. Workers should be encouraged to have footwear that is not just aesthetically acceptable, but is rubber sole and has cushioning to prevent injuries from work activities. In a restaurant, it is likely that objects will be scattered about. Removing them and having a safe pathway is vital. Workers should share arduous duties like lifting heavy items. There are techniques to keep from suffering strains and sprains. They should be taught and utilized. Finally, wearing safety equipment and clothing that protects workers from burns can be crucial and keep from needing workers’ compensation benefits.

If injuries do happen, workers’ compensation is imperative

Even with this advice, restaurant employees will unfortunately still suffer injuries as they go about their duties. Getting workers’ compensation can cover for medical expenses, lost wages and disability benefits. Some cases can be complicated and it is wise to accrue all the necessary evidence to present or appeal a case. Having experienced assistance from the start may be necessary.