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Is Costco involved with a snorkeling set recall?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Dangerous Product Injuries |

A fun time at the beach could include snorkeling adventures. Snorkeling appears to be a relatively safe practice since the activity occurs near the water’s surface. Whether North Carolina adventurers are 3 feet below the surface or 30 feet, they need air to breathe. If a snorkel doesn’t work effectively, the air supply may end up cut off. Some snorkels sold at Costco might present a significant risk of failure.

A snorkel recall stresses prompt action

A product recall involving Oceanic Worldwide snorkels snared Costco into a web of product liability controversy. The recall notice points out the bottom purge valve on the 2021 Oceanic snorkeling set may leak, creating a drowning hazard. Such valves exist to eliminate water that gets into a snorkel. If the purge valve fails, the water remains in the snorkel.

The recalled snorkeling set was a Costco exclusive, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated anyone who bought the set should outright destroy it. Costco’s brand name may face some negative reactions, but the seller did not produce the snorkel. Huish Outdoors owns Oceanic Worldwide.

Product recalls and negligence

Several entities could face a product liability lawsuit when a recall occurs. Huish Outdoors/Oceanic Worldwide might face the brunt of legal actions if Costco did not know about the defect. However, if Costco stores don’t remove all known defective products from shelves, the retailer may find itself liable for injuries.

The surviving family members might file a wrongful death suit when someone drowns due to a defective snorkel. Those who suffer a scary incident and go to the emergency room might also seek compensation. Their medical costs and other expenses may derive from someone else’s negligence.