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How could post-collision braking help drivers?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Technological advancements in automobile manufacturers have led to the development of numerous crash avoidance features. A lane-change alert might keep a driver from drifting into another vehicle while cross-traffic alerts may prevent a T-bone collision. Anti-lock brake and automated braking systems have value, but like other tech features, they cannot prevent all crashes from happening. Even if a car accident does occur, technology can help protect drivers and passengers: Post-collision braking systems deliver something that works after a collision.

The post-collision braking concept

While some collisions lead to the vehicles stopping at the impact point, other crashes may send one or both vehicles in any direction and at a high degree of force. The two cars may collide and then careen into other cars or pedestrians. A post-collision brake system tries to address the danger.

The brake system automatically engages once a vehicle collides. The driver may be unable to apply the brakes properly upon impact, so the auto feature presents a way to slow down a car moving due to impact.

Post-collision braking may come with added features to address collision variables. For example, abrupt braking could lead to worse outcomes when a vehicle crashes at high speeds. The system might not engage when the speed reaches a specific point.

Issues with braking and crashes

Technology may help drivers narrowly avoid primary or secondary motor vehicle accidents, but tech features can’t tell a driver how to behave on the road. Safe driving practices, such as signaling before turns or traveling at proper speeds, may prevent crashes. Unfortunately, a driver can’t change how others behave, so sharpening defensive driving skills also helps.

It’s also important to keep a car in good shape. Drivers should stick to routine brake inspection schedules. Post-collision braking won’t work effectively if the brakes are worn, so keeping brakes in good shape could prevent accidents and keep drivers safer.