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Is summer a more dangerous time to drive?

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Automobile Accidents |

We are well into the summer driving months, but for parents of new drivers, there is never a time too early or too late to learn about dangerous conditions for teen drivers. Summer is one of the most dangerous times of year for new drivers, and there are some important reasons.

“The 100 deadliest days”

The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day has long been called the “100 deadliest days.” Simply put, the summer represents a time when many younger drivers get into crashes and, for rural areas, this is trend is increasing.

Such issues with summer driving can be attributed to:

  • Distracted driving: With younger people behind the wheel, they have not yet developed the safe driving habits that keep phones away. Any incoming text message may demand their immediate attention leading to crashes
  • Inexperience: Experienced drivers understand that driving is more than obeying the rules of the road; it’s recognizing other drivers struggling. Driving is a decision-making skill that is hard to teach and can leave new drivers in dangerous situations.
  • Road construction: Good drivers find road construction and loose gravel inconvenient. Bad drivers can lose all control of their vehicles. It’s hard to change your driving pattern based on conditions when you haven’t experienced it.
  • Substance abuse: Along with distractions and poor decisions, younger people are more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol while driving.

As summer historically represents a time of immense freedom for younger people, the risks on the roads are impossible to ignore.

Driving is risky, but you aren’t alone.

Whether you are a parent of a new driver, a new driver yourself or simply on the road this summer, understanding the risks of this time is essential. If you find yourself in an accident, under any circumstances, always know that you do not have to pursue compensation all on your own.