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Max amount of back pay for SSD

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Social Security Disability |

There is no specific maximum amount that Social Security Disability Insurance applicants can receive when they have filed a claim. Each case for North Carolina residents is unique with respect to medical issues, and many applicants file on a totality of their medical conditions. The Social Security Administration does maintain a Blue Book of prior approved disorders that will result in an eventual approval, but even those claims must be proven. Even known approval disorders can require validation through the appeals hearing process, which typically requires assistance from a North Carolina Social Security Disability attorney.

How SSDI back pay is calculated

One of the primary determining factors in an SSDI claim is how much Social Security tax has been paid in by the claimant throughout their working career. The SSA has a complete record of this amount, which is used to establish the monthly allowance after approval. After approval, the agency then calculates the back pay based on the official application date minus five months. It takes five months of being unable to work for SSDI benefits to begin. The monthly amount is then multiplied by the allowed months during the approval process.

Supplemental Security Income due to disability

Not all disabled workers are eligible for standard Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Individuals who are validated as disabled by the SSA may then be eligible for Supplemental Security Income through their state of resident disability determination agency if they clear the asset means test. Exempted from the assets test are one primary residence ownership and one dependable vehicle of reasonable value, but individuals cannot have over $2000 in financial assets. Married couples are limited to $3000 for approval. Luckily, there is no five-month waiting period for SSI eligibility.