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Vehicle safety and auto accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

People in North Carolina know that the road can be a dangerous place. Conventional wisdom holds that young drivers are often irresponsible behind the wheel, and senior citizens often seen as a danger on the road as well. Recent research suggests that their vehicles may play a role in these generalities.

Context is everything

When looking at auto accidents, context is everything. The data shows that young people and senior citizens are indeed more likely to be involved in car accidents, but closer look at the data turns up an interesting reason why: Senior citizens and teenagers are far more likely to be driving unsafe cars.

A teen’s first car is typically an older model. It might be a hand-me-down from a parent or sibling, or it might be something they found for a rock-bottom price. Often, teens are driving old cars with lots of miles on them and fewer safety features. That can be a bad combination.

A similar issue affects seniors. Many senior citizens live on fixed incomes. They may keep driving the same car for over a decade without trading it in. That means the vehicles they drive may not have features like side airbags or stability control. This can have serious effects. Seniors are actually less likely to be involved in a collision than teenagers, but they are more likely to die as the result of injuries sustained in one.

How to deal with car accidents

The best way to deal with auto collisions is to prevent them. Drivers should look for recent cars with up-to-date safety features. If the worst happens and there is an accident, it may be prudent to contact a personal injury lawyer.