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Summary Jury Trials–The best way to reach a settlement WITHOUT having to go to court!

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Are you disappointed with the results of your mediation?

Do you want to reach a settlement without having to go to court?

Are you curious about how a jury might react to your case?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then a Summary Jury Trial is the way for you!  Summary Jury Trials, or SJT, is the latest form of mediation that is taking the country by storm.  SJTs brings average, local citizens, who have recently served as jury members of a local trial, together to listen to YOUR case.  The best part of an SJT, is that it can be COMPLETED within the course of 1 DAY!!!  The following list of links is a veritable buffet of SJT information designed to help educate you on SJT practice and procedure.

Jury Mediation: by Lawrence Egerton
What an idea… instead of the parties speculation what a jury might do with their case, why not present the case to twelve (or even fewer!) lay persons who had recently been in a jury pool from the same judicial district?

The Summary Jury Trial – Ending the Guessing Game: An Objective Means of Case Evaluation
My Eureka moment came when I first envisioned the concept of an abbreviated trial, or a “summary jury trial” (also referred to as the “SJT”), as a means of predicting outcomes and providing clients an opportunity to be a part of the forecasting process, thus reducing the tensions with no alternative available for obtaining a more objective case evaluation…

Jury Mediation:  A New Tool to Resolve Cases-North Carolina Lawyers Weekly
Jasmin, a 14-year-old high school student, went for a drive with two friends one winter night.  On a state-owned mountain road, their car plunged off a 450ft cliff and burst into flames.  Her two friends miraculously escaped with minor injuries.  But, Jasmin was badly burned on over more than 50 percent of her body and lost most of her right hand.  The experts estimated her injuries at nearly $10 million in past and anticipated medical care…

Summary Jury Trial Characteristics:  North Carolina State Courts, 1987-1991
Table with case type, binding with low/high stipulation,  Summary Jury Trial, or SJT, result, case outcome, primary SJT issue, time of complaint to SJT, SJT length, estimated trial time.

Reconfiguring the Summary Jury Trial- Duke Law Journal 
The widespread interest in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has resulted in a proliferation of techniques and strategies, each promising important contributions to the fair and efficient resolution of disputes.  Judicial policy makers are understandable interested in reaping the benefits offered by particularly effective  ADR methods.  Faced with limited resources to develop and implement ADR programs, however, policy makers must choose among competing approaches–a choice often made difficult by limited information on how particular processes have performed.

Rule 23:  General Rules and Practice for Summary Jury Trials
The senior resident superior court judge of any superior court district or a presiding judge unless prohibited by local rule may upon joint motion or consent of all parties, order the use of a summary jury upon good cause shown, and upon such terms and conditions as justice may require.  The order shall describe the terms and conditions proposed for the summary jury proceeding.

Summary Jury Trial – Untapped Tool for Effective State Courts 3
 Trial judges throughout the United States realize that with burgeoning civil trial lists and overloaded criminal and family court dockets, it is absolutely necessary…

Summary Jury Trials in NC
Lawrence Egerton gives us a brief history on the SUmmary Jury Trial process, as well as outlining the statutes involved in North Carolina Summary Jury Trial.  In his article he also explains the benefits to the SJT procedure, which includes comparison to other forms of mediation.

Summary Jury Trial Schedule in Mecklenburg County, NC 

Notice of evidence to be used is to be given to opposing counsel in the form of witnesses whose testimony will be summarized, a reference to deposition.

Summary Jury Trial FAQ 
for the hard to find answers to questions regarding the use of summary jury trials.  This guide offers an objective point of view of the summary jury trial system, and gives detailed instructions on how to make it work.

When Mediation Fails: The Summary Jury Trial Alternative
Consider this common settlement scenario: At the conclusion of your mediation in a Title VII case, you have reached a stalemate with opposing counsel and her client.  One of you bottomed out at $300,000.  The other refused to go higher than $60,000.  The mediator suggested that the case should settle around $150,000 but neither side was interested.  You know you’ve got a great case, but it’s obvious opposing counsel feels the same way.  Is trial your only option?

Summary Jury Trial Orientation Instructions
Counsel are going to try this in an expedited fashion in order to minimize costs and inconvenience to all of the parties to the matter.  This case will be presented by counsel from testimony which ha been collected and assembled for presentation in summary fashion from interrogatories and depositions and affidavits, all of which were answered under oath.

Mandatory Mediation and Summary Jury Trial:  Guidelines for Ensuring Fair and Effective Processes 
Finally, because these consensual processes do not include the procedural protections involved in traditional adjudication, mandatory mediation and SJT legislation must include safeguards ensuring that these processes are fair and effective.

Summary Time Blues – The National Pulse

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