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First Zimmer NexGen knee implant trial scheduled for October

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2015 | Drug & Medical Device Injuries |

An order issued in the Zimmer NexGen knee implant lawsuit sets opening statements in the first bellwether trial to begin October 13, 2015.

Knee joint / Gray’s Anatomy Wikipedia

When a case involves large numbers of plaintiffs filing suit against the same defendants, the lawsuits are often consolidated into what is known as a multi-district litigation proceeding, or MDL.The parties of the MDL choose representative cases to proceed all the way to trial, rather than having each individual case go to trial. This conserves the courts’ resources and ensures consistency in how the cases are treated. These representative “bellwether” cases help the parties determine how to resolve the hundreds or thousands of similar cases that are not tried.

Over a thousand cases have been consolidated in an Illinois federal court, all of which allege problems with Zimmer’s NexGen high flex knee replacements. One component of the NexGen system, the MIS Tibial device, was recalled to allow Zimmer to make changes to the surgical technique after receiving reports of loosening.

Even though they were not recalled, the lawsuit also alleges that Zimmer is responsible for defects within the LPS-Flex and CR-Flex femoral components that are part of the Zimmer NexGen knee implant system.

Zimmer issued a recall in March of this year of the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibia Plate, part of another knee replacement system.

This device, which entered the market in late 2012, was also recalled due to reports of loosening.

Loosening of the components of a joint replacement device sometimes require that patients undergo a second operation, or revision surgery, to correct the problem.

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