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Understanding medical device and drug lawsuits

On Behalf of | May 18, 2015 | Drug & Medical Device Injuries |

Individuals who have been injured as a result of medical treatment may have two potential legal claims: a medical malpractice claim against the doctor, or a product liability claim against the manufacturer of a dangerous drug or device.

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If you have been injured after receiving a defective medical implant or medication, but have hesitations about having to involve your doctor, our article may help answer your questions.

Do not avoid pursuing a medical device or drug claim because you like your doctor.

If you think that a drug or device is to blame for new or worsened medical symptoms, contact a products liability attorney at Egerton Law to discuss these and any other questions you have. Call our office at 336-814-2126 or fill out a web contact form (link) to have an Egerton Law attorney call you.