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No Need 2 Speed Campaign Totals

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2011 | Car Accidents |

The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program often runs campaigns to combat dangerous driving habits, especially drunk driving. Recently, state and local law enforcement offices issued 12,476 speeding tickets to motorists across the state. The “No Need 2 Speed” campaign began March 28 and ended April 3.

According to a press release, the campaign raked in a whopping 38,104 total traffic and criminal citations. In Guilford County, 727 speeding tickets were handed out, making it the county with the third-highest number of speeding violations ticketed. Mecklenburg County totaled 770 speeding violations and Onslow County came in with 674. The most citations issued occurred in Wake County with 1,105 total tickets.

You can view a complete record of the traffic and criminal violations issued during the 2011 spring “No Need 2 Speed” Campaign at