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URGENT Petition to Help Injured NC Workers

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2011 | Workers' Compensation |

Did you know that the current North Carolina General Assembly is only days away from introducing legislation that will reduce workers’ compensation benefits?

Do you realize that this legislation, if passed, could affect any NC citizen who has been injured on the job? Affected citizens include people who are already suffering, their families and anyone in the future who might be injured-on-the-job.

Big business and insurance company lobbyists are pressuring NC state representatives to introduce this bad bill.


A petition is currently in place that speaks out against the proposed changes to workers compensation. The negative reforms include:

• An artificial cap on the number of weeks of weekly compensation benefits and injured worker can receive even if he or she is still disabled and unable to work!
• Workers will be forced to take any type of job if they cannot return to what is now considered “suitable employment.” That means that instead of refusing a job similar to what he or she had at the time of the injury (like a nurse, plumber, construction supervisor, etc.), a worker would be required to take a job that might offer fewer benefits, less pay and/or an excessive commute.
• Any lost income resulting from this imposed job change would also be capped and benefits would stop regardless of the injured worker’s ability to return to work.

Sign the petition today. This bad legislation affecting all NC workers could be introduced to the NC General Assembly as soon as Thursday, March 24, 2011. It only takes a matter of seconds to sign the petition.

Spread the word via facebook, email and twitter; encourage your friends and family to sign the petition, especially if you live in NC!

You can also call or write your NC Representative and NC Senator. If you or your family is an injured worker, tell your representatives how a reduction or end to your workers’ compensation benefits would impact your life and your family. How could you afford to provide for yourself and your loved ones without your workers’ compensation benefits?

Even if you are not an injured worker, consider what would happen if you were injured someday. Could you live with the conditions presented in this proposed bill? If not, take a stand! Sign the petition, call or write your representatives and spread the word right now!