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Motorcyclist Robert Haase Seriously Hurt due to “Morning Sun”

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2011 | Car Accidents |

Robert Haase of Liberty, NC was airlifted to Duke Hospital in Durham on March 17, 2011 following a collision with another vehicle.

Mr. Haase suffered a broken leg after a car struck the motorcycle he was riding down Wayne White Road in Randolph County near the town of Climax. Highway Patrol Troopers charged the driver who hit Mr. Haase with unsafe movement. The driver-who remains unidentified-claimed that the brightness of the morning sun obscured Mr. Haase and his motorcycle from view.

Just yesterday, March 16, 2011, I posted a blog about the importance of motorcycle safety awareness. If House Bill 105 passes through the North Carolina General Assembly, May will be devoted Motorcycle Awareness Month. Some much-needed attention can then be paid to safety concerns involving motorcycles and the over 260,000 North Carolinians licensed to drive them.

If and when a full, official accident report becomes available for this motorcycle wreck, you can find it on Hopefully, Robert Haase will make a strong, swift recovery.