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Cell Control: A Device that Might Keep You from Texting While Driving

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2010 | Car Accidents |

The urge to text while driving resembles an addiction for some motorists—a scary, life-threatening addiction. Studies are beginning to show that texting while driving is as dangerous—if not more dangerous in some cases—as driving while intoxicated.

Sending and receiving calls while driving is hazardous as well. People of all ages have killed or been killed in automobile accidents that happened because a driver was looking at a cell phone instead of the road.

The safety organization, Crash Prevention Network, might have the answer for some concerned parents or individuals who consider themselves incapable of controlling the urge to text while driving. According to an article from, a device called Cell Control can be installed on a cell phone and will prevent incoming and outgoing calls while a car is in motion. It also alerts a parent if their teen removes the device. Two emergency numbers can be programmed to send and receive calls while the car is moving in addition to 911.

For young people who are still learning about how to operate a motor vehicle responsibly or for folks who know the limits of their self-control, this device might be like a guardian angel.