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Seasoned Road Biker, Albert Arnott, Killed in Crash in Mocksville, NC

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2010 | Car Accidents |

Albert Arnott, 60, of Arizona had just completed a tour from Los Angeles to New York on his recumbent bicycle. He was travelling through North Carolina on his way back home to Pheonix, Arizona when he was struck by a pickup truck outside of Mocksville on U.S 601.

According to Highway Patrolman Sergeant Rich Allred said that investigators learned that the accident killed Arnott instantly. A witness claimed that the bike was “just mangled,” in an article on

The recumbent bike is situated low to the ground. Apparently, the driver who struck Arnott did not see him until he hit him. Both vehicles were travelling around a curve in the highway going the same direction. It’s not suspected that the driver was speeding, but the accident report claims that he “failed to reduce speed” in order to avoid the collision. Arnott’s bicycle overturned several times and rolled down an embankment before coming to rest in a field across the road. Investigations are continuing – view the accident report here.

Arnott, a seasoned cyclist, is still an inspiration after his tragic death. He was injured two decades ago while doing landscaping and did not have full use of his legs. He was in a full-body cast and moved around confined to a wheelchair for two years. His recovery was a true demonstration of physical and mental determination. I am saddened to hear of his untimely death but I know that he had a accomplished a great feat with his final ride.