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One Death, One Serious Injury When Motorist Strikes Two Bicyclists in Stokes County, North Carolina

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2010 | Car Accidents |

Two cyclists were struck by a motor vehicle in an accident on Trinity Church Road in Stokes County, North Carolina during the morning of Friday, July 27, 2010. The collision resulted in the death of one—Donald Sunday, 62,—and serious injury of another—Barry Leonard, 49.

Sgt. H.K. Feinberg said the cyclists were on the right side of the road and riding single file. The woman who hit them, Linda Sink, claims that they were riding side by side on a shaded portion of the road. Whatever the case, according to the NC Department of Transportation, “there is no law requiring bicyclists to ride single file, nor is there a law that gives cyclists the right to ride two or more abreast.”

So it’s important that motorists remember to share the road with folks riding bicycles. Regardless of the law—or lack thereof—motorists should remain ever vigilant for the unexpected that might be around the corner.