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Following To0 Close – Part 1: Tractor-Trailer Rams into Standstill Traffic in Miami, Oklahoma – Nine People Killed

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2010 | Car Accidents |

Almost every day you will see a news account of an accident resulting in death or serious injury caused by one or more motorists following too close. In the years that I have been doing auto-injury cases since 1956, I would estimate that half of all the cases I have handled were caused by motorists following too close (FTC).

Other Plaintiff lawyers that I have talked with are in agreement that following too close (FTC) is the single leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, The problem seems to be getting worse with the new distraction of cell phones and now text messaging.

AND IT IS ALL SO PREVENTABLE, but also so PREDICTABLE. Drivers that routinely FTC will ultimately be the cause of a rear end collision. It is the aim of this entry and those that follow to encourage the reader to learn the RULES OF THE ROAD with regard to following vehicles and to strictly adhere to such RULES.

It should be the goal of the motoring public to shoot for ZERO TOLERANCE to the dangerous and deadly practice of following too close (FTC).

to be continued